Monday, May 16, 2011

ITWebSec Tag Cloud part 2

This is an updated to the previous post. I have cleaned up the data a bit. Again I left out the words "HTTP", "ITWebSec" and "RT" as these added nothing to the cloud and common English words such as "The" and "And". Including these words, there are 2307 different words. The top names (chosen by "@" in front) are: @itwebsec, @haroonmeer, @MushiD, @mattdoterasmus, @abaranov and @DeepPurple77.

The biggest ReTweeted phrase (by far) was: '@itwebsec: "Management don't know what security knows; that we're one 0day away from the worst day of their lives." #itwebsec' which is a quote from Haroon Meer's presentation.

As always - E&OE.

Previous tag made with TagCrowd and this one made with Wordle.