Thursday, May 22, 2008

Information Centric Security is dead!

Ok,ok, I just want to jump on the bandwagon. It seems you are not regarded as an innovative and forward thinking Information Security Blogger unless you declare something dead so I will do that with Info-Centric Security.

So, what do I elect to replace this with? Process-centric Security.

I think that as we get closer to Information Security Nivana (and isn't that what we really want?) we will start to get closer to the point where we look at Business and how it uses Information to do what it does. We define processes, work out what Information is needed, add in resources and voila we have all the information (process, standard, information classification, user details, etc) that we need to properly define and hence secure a process.

If this brings back bad memories of Flowcharts and the like then maybe, just maybe, flow charts are what we really need to secure our businesses. Maybe when we decided to throw out all of those tools we had way back when, we did it without thining of the repurcussions. The goal to get a "Fast Company" and "be more adaptable" and "beat our competitors" just made us more sloppy and insecure. It may be a good time now to reassess.

And, by the way, Information Centric Security is not really dead... its just part of this larger idea, just like IDS is part of IPS.

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