Monday, September 13, 2010

I bought a Kreepy Krauly BullShark...

[... and the documentation came on CD-Rom.]

I think this is totally missing the whole point. Why not just give me paper?

It can't be more environmentally friendly to make a CD, copy the information onto it and then print a pretty design onto the CD.

So my story is that on Sunday, I opened the box, took everything out. I decided to do the installation by the book. And there was no book. Just a CD.

So, I had to go inside, boot up my PC, load the CD, run the software, click through the options.

Then run outside, do some installation.

Run back inside read up some more, run outside, run inside.

Still no luck so I have to take some of the wet pieces of the unit inside, put them quite close to my PC. Run outside.

This is not a major complaint (unlike my last post) but it just shows how someone decided to use technology because it was cool but really it just makes life difficult.