Thursday, June 25, 2009

[OT] Open Question to Nokia

So, I have a Nokia E71.

It is absolutely amazing. There is very little in the way of hardware that I can fault.

My wife has a Nokia too and its camera is so good that our regular camera is now collecting dust.

Bottom line - we love our Nokias.

But, Nokia fail on one aspect which I would hope that they can sort out.

According to this Vodacom page, a Blackberry subscription with Vodacom costs R60 and includes email, all on-device-browsing and most importantly - turn-by-turn navigation.

Nokia offer an email service which is "free for now". My browsing is pretty much covered by my contract and I try not to browse from my phone if I can help it.

But... navigation is R100 a month. That is truly mad. It is almost double the Blackberry deal and doesn't include the email, browsing, etc etc.

If Noka want to compete in the new cellphone world then they need to realise that there is more to a cellphone than just the device. There is a service now and Nokia need to make the price realistic. I wouldn't swap my Nokia for Blackberry any day but Nokia needs to come to the party and bring services that are not ridiculously priced.

So, Nokia, what can you do?