Monday, June 18, 2007


This is not promotion for my business. Maybe if "blogging" (and other cool web 2.0 technologies)
had been so popular three years ago then my business would have survived.

No, it is much more important than that.

When I was trying to pick out a name for my (then) consulting business I literally picked up a dictionary and tried to find a cool name that had not been used. I also wanted to stay away from things that had strange placements of lowercase letters like "e" (e-security) and "i" (iSecureU) and "x" (x-pert consulting). I ended up with "elucidate" which is a lovely word that flows off the tongue.

When I gave up my business due to more pressing issues and rejoined the workforce as a normal lemming, I kept the term close to my heart.

Most of my time is spent on the cutting edge, I definitely don't "take up too much space" as the phrase goes. Hence, my time is spent in areas where I don't (yet) have a clue what I am doing but neither does the rest of the world. I like it here, its not too crowded and its interesting; like climbing up a steep cliff wall with no rope is "interesting".

A better analogy is probably: my work life is like doing a puzzle without the box lid to help, with pieces that all fit together (even incorrectly) and some that don't even belong. Sometimes I'll find a few that just have to work together and I have a sense of enlightenment. I can then pass this on to others without them having to do the hard work.

Its a good feeling.

It is a total sense of clarity - lucid.

I should have probably posted this blog entry first because it gives the clearest insight into myself and what I strive for and how I do it.

Now, go back and read all my blog entries all over again. ;)

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