Monday, June 11, 2007

And Now for Some Bible Education (Part 1)

Information Security is new and fresh and waiting for ideas to mold it. So, I like to look around at older pieces of wisdom in which to help me make decisions on a daily basis.

I was reading the debate between Alan and Michael and it reminded me about an email I got a while back sent to me by a mailing list of interesting lessons from the Torah (Bible books: Genesis to Deuteronomy). I lost the email but I have never forgotten the lesson due to it being very powerful and insightful.(Not inciteful).

Bare with me... there are Information Security lessons and life lessons to be learned here.

Yitro who is Moses' father-in-law comes to visit him after he has left Egypt and tells Moses to appoint judges for his own well being and those of the people. Which makes sense for Moses - he is a busy guy, let someone else do the judging.

But why for the people? They have access to the greatest prophet in history. Moses could judge perfectly. The reason is that you don't want someone who can judge perfectly. Sometimes you need someone who can compromise. This person was Aaron who saw the grey and not the black and white of being sure.

So, Aaron can do something Moses can't which makes him more important than Moses. Wrong. It makes him different.

And here is the moral of the story. Some people are Moses and see black and white and some people are Aaron. And most people are both but at different times.

I think the challenge is to be able to see when to be one or the other.


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