Friday, May 14, 2010


Someone (who shall remain anonymous) took me to task about not blogging. Which is fair enough since I haven't done a blog post since the end of last year - nearly 6 months ago. And it was my aim for the last few years to be the most prolific Information Security Blogger in South Africa (which really means writing more posts than that particular person). And I have been losing the race quite badly recently.

On the other hand that person fell asleep while chatting with me. Which is actually more a comment on how much sleep he had had the night before rather than how exciting the conversation was. I hope.

But.... that someone had an interesting point which I think is quite right - my excuse that I have nothing to blog about is wrong - I should blog and things to write about will come to me. Thats sounds very Zen. Or Xen.

So, I am starting up the blogging again and I hope that all my faithful readers will forgive the lack of posts and come back to be challenged again. (I'm watching you - both of you!)

So, see you soon.