Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Automatic Networks (Part 1)

If you are like me and like to know how the future of IT will impact Information Security then one Blog that you have to read is Rational Survivability by Chris Hoff.

He has a rather "interesting" writing style but his content is amazing. He is a strong voice of reason in how Virtualization, Cloud Computing, etc etc which are all the new buzz words can seriously impact Information Security unless controls are built in.

His latest post is about a new concept where latency of network flows are measured. If a Service is suffering from latency then the Virtual Machine that the Service runs on is moved closer to the User of the Service. Latency is gone. It is an interesting concept and obviously has Security implications which Chris goes into.

I pretty much agree with most of the post but I would like to introduce a new angle on it:

In my last post I introduced a concept that I gave a lot of names. The one I liked the most is Context Sensitive Information Protection (CSIP). I didn't invent the idea but I think I outline it quite nicely in that post. Basically the concept is that everything on the network is aware of what Information is being accessed and acts accordingly. Add this to the concept in Chris's post and your solution becomes secure again.

I think I need to come up with an example. Watch this space.

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