Thursday, May 5, 2011

Miscellaneous Ramblings - Irony, Security Summit etc

I've been doing a lot of thinking recently about the last year. I basically run my professional year from ITWeb Summit to ITWeb Summit and around this time I think back over the last year about what has changed and what is new.

I find that InfoSec is cyclical and this year is the unexciting one. Last year we were dealing with iPads and their ilk and Cloud and SaaS and all that good stuff was starting to hit us. This year - we are dealing with iPads and their ilk and Cloud and SaaS and all that good stuff is starting to hit us - again.

I'm still looking very forward to the Summit and I always leave with at least one very worthwhile thought that will determine my next year. The international speakers are most worthwhile to see as they bring a perspective that we, at the bottom part of Africa don't usually get. The Internet makes the World smaller but seeing someone talk is so much more useful (powerful) than reading.

While looking through my blog list for some juicy nuggets for my talk I noticed two bits of irony that came through -

1. The DBIR was published with the first line mentioning how it seems that the hacker community has gone more underground and less big hacks with large amounts of data being stolen. Boom, a couple of weeks later and Sony is hit by just one such hack.
2. Brian Krebs publishes how it may be overkill but it is a good idea to use a non-Windows system to do online banking especially for small businesses because there are no trojans aimed at these systems. His next post is all about how someone is developing a trojan crafting tool aimed at these systems.

My speech this year is finally completed (albeit in draft for now) and is a mostly updated speech that I presented 2 years ago at a smaller conference. It is still very relevant and I will enjoy presenting my insights to a larger audience.

Please look for my talk in the program and support me if you are attending.

I have committed to the organisers to post at least 1 blog post per day of the event and 1 to sum up what good stuff I got out of the conference so look out for these.

Btw, Brian Krebs is at Krebs On Security , the DBIR is at Verizon Business Security Blog and the of course - ITWeb Security Summit 2011 . Reporting on Sony's Playstation Network hack is all over the Internet.