Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Cool Like That...

So, it seems that I am following the trend with Blogging which is somewhere I am not proud to be but it is interesting just how closely I have followed this trend.

Statistics (when they are not manipulated) are ugly things. Sometimes they tell the truth like a little kid with no idea of how to be "nice". So here goes - my statistics of Blogs published on my site:

2007 - 78
2008 - 32
2009 - 34
2010 - er... 3

I had a lot to say in 2007 and a lot of time to say it. I accept that. 32 posts a year is not great, but it is not bad... 3 is pathetic. 

Its not that I have been busy.. I have been busy but not way way way more busy than in 2008/2009. I haven't moved my online conversations onto Twitter either. Twitter has impacted on my time a bit... but not that much that 1 blog post a week would break me. 

I just haven't blogged. And other people have stopped too. Rich of Securosis seems to think that Twitter is the reason but I think it is more about two other things - 

  1. I belive Information Security Bloggers (maybe other blogs too) have just emerged from the Trough of Disillusionment (go, go Gartner, go).
  2. Blogs tend to be mostly a one-way conversation but really are about gathering the ideas of what is floating about in the world and forming an opinion about it then writing about it. So technically its like a general conversation and if everyone has left the conversation then there really is not very much to discuss.
But we are coming back and most of us (me included) are just really blogging about how we have stopped blogging and are now back. But we'll get there... it has been a bit of an awkward silence but its ended.