Monday, May 17, 2010

I am a hacker - whether I like it or not

[... and not the bad cyber criminal type.]

For the latest ITWeb Security Summit (which was amazing) I was chosen as a speaker.

I had the following challenge -

  • talk about the different InfoSec Standards available
  • do it at 3:40pm 
  • do it straight after the tea break
  • make sure that the attendees don't fall asleep
Needless to say - it took a lot of thought but I eventually managed to keep them interested according to some positive reports I got after the talk.

I'm not going to go into the details of the talk here but after quite a bit of re-assessment I realised that I had basically "hacked" the standards. Hacked - in the good sense. There was no "piracy" involved (me maytee) and everything was above board. (and above plank.) 

But to keep the attendees interested in the talk I basically took the standards and applied them in ways they were just not designed to be used. And that is the true definition of hacking. 

In the past 4-ish years or so I have tried to model myself as a serious Information Security Professional. I have tried to put away the "hacking" part of me and concentrate on "working for the Man" but it seems that, without me trying, that part of my brain will find a way out. 

So, I will set my aim for the next year to nurture the "hacking" side of my brain and mold it into something I can use as an Information Security Professional.