Monday, March 23, 2009

The Victorian Police Have Issues (Ironic Post)

[The irony in this article is so lovely, it has to be shared]

The Age newspaper reports that a leaked memo from inside the Victorian Police (Australia) department says that their IT systems are risky.

The article lists a whole bunch of "Availability" risks such as backups failing and the like. It doesn't really go into details about how information security can be compromised although it does list the kind of information that the police have on hand which is very confidential.

The wonderful part is that the article says: 'A police spokeswoman said the force believed its IT applications were secure and there was a "full back-up regime across all our services as well as disaster recovery for core applications".'

My question is ... if the Victorian Police are secure, as they claim to be, how did a highly confidential memo with the ability to cause massive amounts of embarrassment to the department get leaked to the press?