Monday, July 30, 2007

Rape and the importance of S.o.D

In Information Security it is drummed into us how important Separation of Duties is.

I investigate security methods, security matrices and inform the Operations teams one what to do. I also measure what is being done. But I don't do it and I don't ever measure myself.

According to this article in the Times online paper the police are playing with numbers:

" ‘We were told by police officers that there is a general belief that if there is a reduction in the number of rape cases reported, they stand in line for promotion'."

So hence, "an investigation by The Times into child abuse has uncovered claims that some police officers are not recording all rape cases — in the hope that keeping statistics on the crime down will fast-track their careers."

The article goes on to say that the police are refusing to record the crimes or are recording them as common assaults instead.

The problem is that the crime is not receiving the same attention that it would have, had it been logged as rape. The victim also does not get the right medical treatment such as HIV treatment.

How do we get around this? Separate the duties. The police who investigate crime after it has happened should be rewarded for the number of crimes investigated. The police who prevent crime should be rewarded for bringing down the crime. That way, we all win.
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