Friday, May 29, 2009

ITWeb Security Summit - Reflections (Part 1)


The ITWeb Security Summit has come to a close and it was amazing.

Unfortunately, being stuck in South Africa, I really don't have anything to compare it to but I thoroughly enjoyed to conference and look forward already to next years' event.

I highly recommend it to all business people, security professionals and technical security people.

(I was involved in the conference as a speaker but, really, honestly, truly, I would say this even if I wasn't involved.)

The only major criticism I have (as a speaker and delegate) is that the Management breakaway sessions were held in the main conference room which meant that you had a smaller number of people spread out in a large area which was rather dark. This meant that the speakers of the management stream were quite separated from their audience.

And, to nitpick - the breakfasts were not great. However, the lunches were amazing and the coffee was great.

Generally, everything moved well. The audio-visual systems worked fine. The microphones worked very well and the clicky things (to move slides) worked.

Registration was a breeze and the venue was perfect. (Aside from the Midrand early morning traffic, yuck!)

The speakers were very interesting, especially the ones from overseas and it was a treat to be able to understand what is happening elsewhere in the world.

Well done ITWeb!