Monday, March 9, 2009

[OT] So, you think YOU have problems?

[A bit of background info for our International readers..I think we have more than 1..]

Shabir Shaik was a prisoner. He was arrested for (allegedly) bribing the President of South Africa's biggest political party - the ANC.

It seemed as though he believed that he would escape arrest but after appealing all the way through the justice system he ended up with a 15 year sentence.

From the start things didn't seem kosher. Complaining of a heart problem, he spent more time in hospital than actually in jail.

Eventually, after 2 years of being incarcerated he was released. The reason given is that he was in the last stages of a terminal illness. The law exists that terminally ill patients are allowed out of jail to spend their last days at home.

Huge questions are being asked about this particular case considering his connections with the leaders of South Africa, his huge wealth and his legally proven happiness to use that wealth to grease palms.

[South African readers can start here]
So, basically, the only way, really, that Shaik can prove that he is innocent of these new suspicions is to die. And you think that you have issues. :)