Friday, March 20, 2009

More Fame... Where is the Fortune?!

[The Highly Esteemed Author Presents At ITWeb Conference]

I applied and my presentation was accepted to be presented at the ITWeb Security Conference.

If you have read my Blog posts then there will be very little new information in the presentation. However, I do tie my thoughts together in one big "this is where you should be going" session. It will be on the management track so I should be expecting some high level thinkers and, yes, the presentation is very high level.

Even though I am now involved, I highly recommend this conference for all that can make it. I missed out in 2007 but the twice that I attended (2006, 2008), I certainly came out with some mind blowing insights.

I also highly recommend that management don't have the mindset: "we need to think about this security stuff" and then send their IT Guy but rather that they make the effort to send someone who can make business decisions. Even better - send both. That is why there is a management stream and a technical stream.

The reason I promote this event (and I really don't get commission) is that it is the only major event in South Africa with an Information Security focus. I believe that management at any company should make an effort to stay in touch with what is happening in Information Security.

Unless you don't use information or none of your information is private.