Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prediction 1 for 2008 - Facebook hacked

Ok, finally, here it is.

For the impatient - Facebook will be hacked. Alternatively, a major Facebook application will be hacked.

Right...the impatient can go now. The rest - read on.

[Personal note first]
I decided that my Blog was becoming too important. I have a host of blog posts that are just not quite as well written as I'd like and since my blog is somewhat a reflection of my writing skill (skillz?) I decided that I'd need to fix them up, when I have time.. well, I've changed my mind - my blog is now an indication of my thinking skills as it was always intended to be, hence the name. It is an indication of my quick writing skill and how I write under time constraints. So, ignore the strange terms, spelling and grammer. Read the content.

This is also the reason why I don't have a "my top 10 predictions for 2008". There is no list that I am working from - as I think them up, I wil blog about them.
[end personal note]

Last year when Facebook made their application language available I was very excited and signed up as an "application developer". I even wrote an application which is about the level of complexity of a "hello world" program. I think it is a box that greets the Facebook-er by name. Woopy-doo.

But what I found quite interesting is that the application runs on my server and my database but queries information from Facebook. This makes creating applications so much easier and is probably what led to the Facebook explosion in the first place. However, users may not be aware that every time they add an application they are increasing the risk that their Facebook information can be compromised.

I like to believe that Facebook is big enough to be able to throw money at security. I think that their product is simple enough to secure. So, there should not be too much opportunity to hack into Facebook. I could be wrong. Facebook certainly is a huge target for both those hackers who want to make some good money, those that want email addresses (to spam) and those that want to make a big bang and a name for themselves.

But my money is on a large Facebook application being hacked - its a way to get in through the back door.
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