Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Facebook privacy... I'm sure it was there a second ago..

So, some people I know were bored yesterday, looking for something to do while FaceBook got its act together. The site was down and productivity worldwide picked up.

But worse than that, according to an article in The Times, Facebook also let private information slip.

I love it when Information security makes the general news: it get people thinking about Information Security.

Basically, you could read your friend's private facebook messages and see their private content even though they had set it not to be shared.

Wow, you must think, Facebook's lawyers must be sweating... not quite.. in their privacy agreement is this little nugget:

"You post User Content (as defined in the Facebook Terms of Use) on the Site at your own risk"

Maybe you should reconsider what information is shared on a publicly accessible site.
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