Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter Escapes!

It had to happen. Unless Scholastic really had magic powers the Harry Potter book was not going to stay secret forever.

According to a news article on The Age, the new Harry Potter book has been leaked.

There have been a number of fake leaks: there are a number of people who write fan fiction and these have been used to trick people into clicking onto websites with worms and the like.

But this one is slightly different. It is not a pdf or text document; it is photographs of each page in the book.

Now that it has leaked the publishers are desperately trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube but with no luck.

On the other hand, reading a 700+ page book page by page from low quality photographs is not easy. It's just better to buy a copy or, at very least, visit the library.

You can bet that, like number 6, there will be pdf versions floating around the pirate sites within a few days.

The one thing to learn from this is that if you have information that is wanted by someone else, you will have a hard time protecting it and as close as Scholastic came to protecting the Harry Potter book from being released, there is no such thing as perfect security.

The other thing is that: with information it only takes one leak and the number of copies will expand until it is impossible to control.
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