Thursday, March 15, 2007

Instant Virtual Machines

We all agree that INFORMATION is the important stuff.

Computers are there to basically make the information look good. Networks are there to move it all about to where (in theory) it is most useful.

Computers are not just all about presentation, they also mold data into useful information and other neat things. But its the Information that is king. That is why the general term for people that work with computers is "Information Technology".

So, why is everything we do there to protect computers? And networks.

If a computer is compromised - kill it. Stick another in its place. Instantly.

The technology is available to do this. But I haven't seen people use it.

Is it being used?

The way to do this is to keep the data on a separate drive to the applications (like Unix has always advised - welcome to the 70s, again) and if there is any doubt - kill the machine. And pop a fresh install in its place.

My 2c.
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